How to Sync Thunderbird Mails across Mac and PC

One of the beauties of Thunderbird is its mail data are both Mac and PC compatible.  One can simply copy the mail data from one platform to the other and then open it without any problem.

Like many others, my desktop is a Win-7 based PC and my portable is a Mac.  Since I have a free Dropbox account, I just configure Thunderbird to put the mail data under the Dropbox folder on both machines.  Mails received on either platform will then be automatically synced to the other.

Account Setting: Define Mail Data Folder under Dropbox

Mail Folder created under Dropbox Folder

You may click the images above or here for a free Dropbox account.


  • Thunderbird MUST NOT be run simultaneously on both machines; otherwise, mail data will be messed up.
  • The sync process may take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of the data and the speed of the network.
  • Therefore, it is better to wait a few moments before opening up Thunderbird on the other platform until Dropbox’s Files Sync action is completed.

How to Uninstall Apps Cleanly

When switching from PC to Mac, I once wondered how apps could be uninstalled since most apps don’t have an uninstaller, and you wouldn’t be able to find anything called “Programs and Features” in the System Preferences (equivalent to Control Panel on PC).

Actually, to uninstall an app on Mac is quite simple — just Move it to the Trash will do.

But to ensure no “tails” are left behind after the uninstallation, one can install a free App called AppCleaner.  It not only helps uninstall an app but also can effectively remove “tails” associated with the app being trashed.

How to Reset Network to Default

To reset Network Configuration to factory setting, here are the steps:

1. Turn off Wifi and unplug network connection;

2. Go to  /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration

3. Rename  preferences.plist  to  preferences.plist.bak  (just in case it is needed)

4. Reboot and a new preferences.plist will be created with the network configuration reset to factory default.

How to Change Machine Name

To change the name of the Mac, open Sharing in System Preferences.

Enter or change the name of your choice at the space provide:

Don’t mix this Machine Name up with Short Name and Full Name.   Machine Name is the name you want to call your Mac and to be shown to others in a network environment.

Short Name and Full Name are the names of the user of the Mac.  These two are used to identify who is the user, and to define and create account information on the Mac.

How to Remove Duplicate Icons in Launchpad

To eliminate duplicate icons in Launchpad

1. Run  Terminal

2. Type  sudo rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db
               to remove the problematic Launchpad database

3. Enter user password to permit change

4. Type  sudo killall Dock
to recreate a new database

5. Exit  Terminal

A free app called Launchpad-control can do above resetting with just a few clicks.

How to Calibrate Battery

Followings are instructions from Apple regarding battery calibration.  The computer can be used as normal during Step 1 to 4.

1.  Charge the battery to full

2.  Keep the adapter plugged in for at least two hours

3.  Disconnect the adapter while the computer is on

4.  Drain the battery until the computer turns off automatically

5.  Leave the computer in sleep for at least five hours

6.  Don’t turn on the computer right after reconnecting the power source

7.  Only turn on the computer after it is fully charged