How to Change Finder Sidebar Font Size

To change the font size of Finder Sidebar, open General in System Preferences, rather than Preferences of Finder.


How to Remove Duplicate Icons in Launchpad

To eliminate duplicate icons in Launchpad

1. Run  Terminal

2. Type  sudo rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db
               to remove the problematic Launchpad database

3. Enter user password to permit change

4. Type  sudo killall Dock
to recreate a new database

5. Exit  Terminal

A free app called Launchpad-control can do above resetting with just a few clicks.

How to Double-click-and-Drag in Lion

The Lion OSX no longer allows the action of Double-clicking the Title bar to Drag a Window by default.  To activate the function:

  • Go Universal Access under System Preferences
  • Enable Dragging under Trackpad Options

In Mountain Lion, this Trackpad Option has been moved to Mouse & Trackpad under Accessibility category.