How to Double-click-and-Drag in Lion

The Lion OSX no longer allows the action of Double-clicking the Title bar to Drag a Window by default.  To activate the function:

  • Go Universal Access under System Preferences
  • Enable Dragging under Trackpad Options

In Mountain Lion, this Trackpad Option has been moved to Mouse & Trackpad under Accessibility category.


How to Revert to Pre-Lion Trackpad Direction

To revert finger movement direction to pre-Lion state

  • Go to Trackpad under System Preferences
  • Uncheck Scroll Direction: Natural under Scroll & Zoom

Although it may be odd to use this new finger movement direction in the beginning, you’d better get used to it unless you intent to give up Mac in the future.

How to Re-Download Purchased Apps

Once an app purchased from App Store has been installed, the buy button of the app on both the product page and Purchases page become grey and turn into  [ INSTALLED ]

In theory, unless you remove the app from your machine, you won’t be able to re-download the app. However, the steps below will allow you to download an installed app again without prior to removing it from your computer:

1) Log in to App Store with your Apple ID

2) Go to the Purchases page

3) Press and hold the  [ option ]  key while clicking the app your want to re-download

4) You will be taken to the product page where the buy button changes to  [ INSTALL ]

Now you can re-download the app.