How to Double-click-and-Drag in Lion

The Lion OSX no longer allows the action of Double-clicking the Title bar to Drag a Window by default.  To activate the function:

  • Go Universal Access under System Preferences
  • Enable Dragging under Trackpad Options

In Mountain Lion, this Trackpad Option has been moved to Mouse & Trackpad under Accessibility category.


30 thoughts on “How to Double-click-and-Drag in Lion

    • Hi Anthony,
      The option has been moved to Trackpad Option inside Mouse & Trackpad under Accessibility category. Look for it in System Preferences.

  1. Thanks a tons..This is really really helpful… i almost pulled all my hair out. trying to figure this

  2. Dragging with three fingers was a bit difficult. I was looking all over for the option of double clicking to drag. I never thought it would be in Universal Access! So thank you for this!

    • In order to show color icon on the sidebar, additional icon sets must be used. Someone reported how to do it on the internet. You should be able to find it through google.

  3. Man, I can’t believe they hid it like that. It was most perplexing and annoying not to be able to double click. Thanks for clearing that up/

  4. Thank you so much… this was so annoying!! And I don’t understand why they put it under universal access rather than under trackpad preferences… There are many things I dislike about Lion, but this one was by far the worst.

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