How to Password Protect Folders

To protect a folder and the files inside by password, here are the steps:

1.  Run Disk Utility from Utilities folder

2.  Select to create Disk Image from Folder under File menu

3.  Select the Folder to be protected (e.g. Password)

4.  Key in the name of the folder (or use the same name) and select where the folder will be located

5.  Select “read/write” for Image Format and 128-bit AES encryption

6.  Enter the password and DO NOT select “Remember password in my keychain”

7.  The protected folder will be created in the format of a dmg file (e.g. Password.dmg).  Double clicking it will prompt for password to unlock the folder.


  • The original folder (e.g. Password) still exists.   It can be deleted now from the computer or be saved somewhere else as a backup just in case
  • After unlocked, the folder can be used as any ordinary folder and all files stored inside are password protected
  • One can also create file aliases (shortcuts) to directly access the files inside

8.  Clicking “Eject” will lock the folder

Mac OS doesn’t come with many options for users to protect their folders and files.   This method creates a disk image with password option to be used as a protected folder.   Although it is still not the best solution, it is relatively easy to implement and most important it is free.


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