How to Remove Hollow Star Rating in iTunes

1) Change the problematic album into “As Grid” view

2) Click and hold the star of the album, and then drag its rating to 0

Note: Individual track ratings will not be affected.


7 thoughts on “How to Remove Hollow Star Rating in iTunes

  1. Thank you. I hate this feature that Apple added “for” us. I had figured it out in the past, but couldn’t remember until I read this post. Front page on google search…really appreciate it!

  2. I guess it would make sense that Apple should try to automatically rate an entire album based on my rating of one or two songs in that album.

    In the history of mankind, there has never been an album that could have a song worth 1 star and another worth 5 stars. Every song on any album in history has the EXACT. SAME. RATING.

    Thanks for doing things for me Team iTunes because I’m too stupid to do it myself!! And another thanks for not having that as a setting I can turn off.

    • Besides rating how favorite the songs mean to me, I am using 1 star and 2 stars to put them in categories of “to be deleted” and “problematic” respectively.

  3. Wanna try that with nearly 17,000 albums !?
    I need something that can do 203,000 songs in one go.

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