How to Re-Download Purchased Apps

Once an app purchased from App Store has been installed, the buy button of the app on both the product page and Purchases page become grey and turn into  [ INSTALLED ]

In theory, unless you remove the app from your machine, you won’t be able to re-download the app. However, the steps below will allow you to download an installed app again without prior to removing it from your computer:

1) Log in to App Store with your Apple ID

2) Go to the Purchases page

3) Press and hold the  [ option ]  key while clicking the app your want to re-download

4) You will be taken to the product page where the buy button changes to  [ INSTALL ]

Now you can re-download the app.


How to Change Firefox Sync Interval

Firefox comes with a handy SYNC feature that allows users to synchronize Bookmarks, Preferences, Passwords, History and Tabs between devices across different platforms.

However, the sync action only triggers every 60-minute and there is no user-configurable option provided.  Although one can put a Sync icon onto the toolbar for easier access, it is still far from practical needs.

To unlock this limitation, do the following:

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How to Find Current Location

In Windows, you could easily know where you are because Windows Explorer always shows you the “path” information.

Finder Showing Path

Finder Showing Path

In contrast, Mac doesn’t do the same in Finder by default.  When just started using the Mac, I always got lost between folders and files.  You may say that it’s no big deal but habits cannot be changed overnight.  Moreover, I feel more comfortable of knowing where I am. Don’t you?

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